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Wiimmfi Project

The Domain wiimmfi.de is used for many things. At some subdomains the Gameservers are reachable. At the main domain wiimmfi.de there is an information and settings portal. There are many statistics pages anyone can visit without login. After logging in, a player gets an overview about his profiles and can (e. g.) manage his OPENHOST-settings.

Information and statistics

Even without login, the portal gives you information and statistics:

This is the main page. It contains announcements for maintenance times and a few links.
This page shows a statistic about the supported games including status and player count.
This page shows the current player count and names of all online players.
This page is made for Mario Kart Wii and shows, how the players are seperated in online rooms.
This page shows the recently banned users.
This page shows a history about enabling / disabling / updating games.

Registration and Login

Generally, a registration is done automatically with the first login. For administrative reasons, this can be disabled temporary.

The login in the portal can be done at the login page wiimmfi.de/login or via visiting the status page wiimmfi.de/status. Account and password are the same as in the WHB-Forum. If you are banned at the forums site, you are also banned at Wiimmfi. The Wiimmfi administrators can also ban people and they will do so for known hackers.

Register your own consoles

At the bottom of the status page you can register your consoles (one by one) and assign them to your Wiimmfi user account. Just follow the instructions of the portal:

  1. Go online with your profile by connecting Wiimmfi.
  2. Wait until the game shows the connection success.
  3. Enter your friend code into the formula.
  4. Submit the form and read the answer.

There are some prerequisites for a successful registration:

  • You must be online at Wiimmfi with your profile.
  • The Wii and this formula request must use the same internet connection (same IPv4 address).
  • The console must not be assigned to any other user.

However, Wiimmfi is prepared to allow many users to manage one console. This is dedicated to families with one console, but many user accounts. Ask the administration in a discussion thread.

Using old profiles

For each profile, there exists a profile id and nick name pair. Only the Wii of the user and the server database knows both of them. At login the Wii sends the nick name and the server answers with the related profile id. If the profile id is wrong, the game aborts the login with error code 60000.

There is only 1 way to use your old profiles with Wiimmfi: At the beginning of the project, when the old GameSpy servers were available (which shut down on July 25th, 2014), Wiimm retrieved 2.9 million pairs. Perhaps your profile was also retrieved. If not, you have to get a new profile id for the old licenses.

If your license is not accepted by Wiimmfi, you have 2 choices:

  1. Reset your license and create a new one. In this case you will lose all your achievements.
  2. Clear only the profile id (PID). In this case your achievements (statistics, trophies, friends and more for Mario Kart Wii) are not lost and you will only exchange the PID:

To reset your license, enter »License Settings« and then »Erase License«. All games support similar steps.

To clear only the profile id, you need special software. At the moment there is only a cheat code available:


Rights are assigned to users by the Wiimmfi administration. A right can be granted global (for all games) or only for one ore more games.

Right Status Description
KICK_ROOM ready If user is host of a room, he can kick guests of the room.
KICK ready User can kick players from Wiimmfi.
BAN ready User can ban players from Wiimmfi.
GAME_STAT partial User can see extended and also old game stats.
PROFILE planned User can examine console and profile settings and statistics.
OPENHOST ready User can manage OPENHOST settings of its own profiles.