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I receive an error code during login

When something goes wrong while connecting or being connected to the Wiimmfi-Server, your Wii will display an error code. You can look up your error code here.

I receive error code 60000

For each profile, there exists a profile id and nick name pair. Only the Wii of the user and the server database knows both of them. At login the Wii sends the nick name and the server answers with the related profile id. If the profile id is wrong, the game aborts the login.

If you want to use your old Mario Kart Wii profile with the new custom servers, you must use a special cheat code: You can use the cheat code here. Simply use it with your cheat code executor (such as Gecko on Mario Kart Wii and follow the instructions on the page. All profiles from the game will then get transmitted to our server after saving and connecting. This is only supported on Mario Kart Wii at the moment. You can fix 60000 on any other game by deleting the profile and re-creating it.

It may take some time (up to one day) until you are able to connect with a new profile.

What about the competitions / tournaments in MKWii?

After a long time we finally got the competitions in Mario Kart Wii to work. You'll need to patch your Wii to make it download new competitions from Wiimmfi and not from the old Nintendo server.

A tutorial and the patcher can be found on this page: Wiimmfi MKWii competition service.

How does patching games work?

There are a several methods to patch your game. MrBean35000vr, one of CTGP Revolution's creators made a video tutorial. There is a written tutorial below, too.

Bean's Wiimmfi Tutorial - The Homebrew Channel

For Real Discs


For ISO Users and Game Mods (Not CTGP Revolution)


For CTGP Revolution

If you already have the CTGP Revolution channel, you only have to update it. You can do that by clicking on the button that says 'updates' in the bottom left corner. You must check for updates in every use in order to connect to Wiimmfi.

For Riivolution

Riivolution is not supported yet. MrBean35000vr has developed a Channel to patch original discs (⇒ here). CTGP-R was modified via update after shutdown of Nintendo's servers.

Can you please support game xyz?

⇒ Look here: Wiimmfi - Add new games