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Wiimmfi Project

Which games are supported?

A detailed list of all enabled games (testing & working) can be found here.

Add new games

You want to test a game which is not on the list? Follow these instructions:

  1. Try to connect. You should get an error code (23921) but the server gets some helpful information
  2. Download this file: http://aluigi.altervista.org/papers/gslist.cfg
  3. Search the entry for your game in this file. It may be listed under the Japanese name. There may also be different entries for different regions. If your game is not in this list, it will never work on Wiimmfi.
  4. Download this file: http://download.wiimm.de/wiimmfi/game-definitions/_template.tab
  5. Fill in the lines TITLE, INFO and URL with any values (URL can be empty).
  6. Enter the internal game name (2. column from first file) and the internal game password (3. column from first file) at the lines NAME and SECRET.
  7. Change the line starting with "#GAME". Remove the #, change xxxx to the ID4 of the game and enter the name).
  8. Send the complete file to Wiimm or Leseratte. They will add this game file to Wiimmfi and you can test your game.

Please do not ask the Wiimmfi team for the creation of a game definition file. Please do it yourself. If you can't do the steps above, you are surly not competent to do the next analysing steps.

After enabling the game you have to test the functionality. If anything does not work, analyse the dumps and tell the Wiimmfi team what to change. And also if a new game works, tell the success.

Known Issues

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  1. The spectator mode works with the RiiConnect24 DNS.