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Wiimmfi Project

At GBAtemp.net an idea was born: Every week Wiimm announce one game of the week.

So Wiimm started the series in July 2016. He will announce 3 games each week:

  • One Wii game
  • One NDS, WiiWare or DsWare game.
  • One Mario Kart Wii distribution.

The gaming week starts at Friday and ends at the following Thursday. So a complete weekend is included. The Wiimmfi server is never changed for the Game of the week. It is only an announcement that increases the probability of some rarely used games to play online.

Everyone can make suggestions: Wii-Homebrew.com: Game of the Week


from – to Wii Game NDS or *Ware game MKWii distribution
2016-07-22 – 2016-07-28 Animal Crossing Wii Animal Crossing DS
2016-07-29 – 2016-08-04 Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum,
HeartGold, SoulSilver
MKW-Fun 2016-07
2016-08-05 – 2016-08-11 Marios Strikers Charged Football Mario Kart DS Luma's CT Pack
2016-08-12 – 2016-08-18 TrackMania Wii Dr. Mario and Onslaught MKW Hack Pack (Hulli)
2016-08-19 – 2016-08-25 The Conduit (1)