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Introduction - Types of patchers

The Wiimmfi patcher is a program/tool to modify your game for it to connect to the Wiimmfi server rather than the discontinued Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection server. Wiimm is the author of the disk image patchers. There are multiple types of patchers:

Image patchers

  • Patcher for Wii images DL
  • Patcher for WiiWare DL

Disk patchers

This can be used for all games.

Patching disk images

You will need


Before you do this, it should be said that USB Loader GX can patch your game by using the "Private Server" option in the loader, making it much easier to play games online with Wiimmfi.

First on the list: you will need to dump your game to your USB storage device. Insert your game disc. On USB loader GX, there is a button on the left of the menu which says 'Install game'. Depending on what internal disk drive you have on your Wii and the size of the game, this can take a maximum of one hour. Next, you will need to connect your USB storage device to your computer. If your USB storage device is formatted to FAT32, then you can drag the .wbfs file to a new folder on your hard drive. (EG ~/Documents or C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents). If not, then you will need a WBFS Manager to copy the .wbfs file over to your computer's hard disk, or convert it to an .iso disk image. You then need to download one of the disk patchers linked above (make sure you use the correct one!), and extract it to the folder where your disk image is. Within the patcher's files you will find a readme textfile which instructs you on how to patch your disk image. After you are done with patching, copy or convert the file back to your WBFS hard drive. You now should have a working Wiimmfi-patched disk image!

Patching original disks

For this method, you'll need


After downloading the patcher, extract it to the root of your SD card. Existing files should be overwritten to remove obsolete and outdated files. On the homebrew channel you should now see the Wiimmfi-patcher app. You will need to launch it every time before you can connect to the Wiimmfi server.

Please note that not every game is supported by Wiimmfi. For a full list of available or unavailable games, check the game list


If you want to be able to play competitions / tournaments on Wiimmfi, you'll need to use a different patcher. All information on Wiimmfi competitions, including patcher info+instructions is located at https://competitions.wiimmfi.de/

Error codes


Riivolution is not supported. If you want to patch your original Disc, look here. If you want to patch a Riivolution distribution, you will have to add a patched main.dol.